Agency Pitch Management

The agency tendering and pitching process can be complex and unclear. Brands need concrete answers, practical actions, clear advice and robust criteria to select the best agency or solution provider suited to their needs. Having the right partner helps you drive value from your media and digital investments. We ensure that contracts and KPIs reflect client objectives, return on investment and other criteria. We also troubleshoot performance issues that arise with agencies, recommending how best to reset expectations and ensure accountability and transparency.

Ignite Media Consulting is one of Ireland’s leading independently accredited media and digital pitch consultants. We guide you efficiently through the complex process and provide tailored solutions that are clear, to the point, and designed for immediate implementation. 

Media Consultancy

Making the right media choices has never been more challenging. It’s like playing Monopoly and trying to buy up every space on the board. Yes, it’s possible but a better question to ask is, can you do it efficiently? I make sense of media complexity for my clients and ensure their media investment is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Media contract transparency and governance

Complicated and evolving payment models and business arrangements make transparency critical – particularly when crafting agency contracts and ensuring compliance with what’s been agreed. I provide independent, objective advice for improving process, planning, execution, transparency, and reporting.

Media strategy and planning

Ignite offers value-based media performance management service that identifies opportunities for extracting value. This improves performance using a customised assessment of your media planning and buying strategy and execution. It raises standards of performance, protects neutrality and gives you a competitive edge. 

Media training

Managing a media supply chain is more complex and challenging than ever before. Ignite Media Consulting helps you improve your understanding and confidence of the media landscape and the planning/buying process. This empowers you to challenge and work with your agency partners. Self-determination and more media control give our clients greater certainty that strategies developed and media investments decisions made on their behalf are aligned to their best interests.

Digital Consultancy

The evolution of digital marketing has added layers of complexity about the media ecosystem. With our independent guides, you will gain the insights needed to navigate the digital ecosystem effectively. That’s never been more important because businesses that enjoy success today understand the interplay between online and offline in their marketing mix, customer service and logistics requirements.

Digital strategy development

We work closely with brands to select and validate relevant KPIs and targets to deliver tangible savings and increased productivity from marketing and media budgets. 

Media transparency

Ignite reviews transparency in your supply chain, ensuring disclosed/non-disclosed programmatic arrangements are being adhered to.

Performance measurement and validation 

We ensure evaluation and advise on governance of delivery against KPI targets and/or contracted media cost and value commitments. 

Talent Development

Ignite will empower you through knowledge sharing and training, so you can take more control of your media and digital ecosystem with a focus on long-term success.

When it comes to making the right value judgements with your media and digital investments, you need a partner you can trust to offer impartial advice that’s in your best interests.

Starting with client goals and requirements, Ignite offers a skills audit to assess current capabilities before building individual learning paths – targeting training to exactly where it’s needed. A typical set of outputs would include:

  • Devising a tailored training programmes and workshops for marketing and procurement teams to improve their understanding of the minefield that is media and digital
  • Identifying the capabilities needed to grow and manage a media agency
  • Emphasising building practical capabilities for effective media and digital management
  • Shaping client teams for the future and identifying the capabilities they need to grow.


Ctrl alt delete

Time to hit the reset button on dysfunctional media audits.


Measure what matters

There’s never been more data, tools and service providers available to evaluate the business return from marketing investments